You Can Trust Me. Really.

Can you remember the first television commercial that you saw? How about the first ad that you heard on the radio? Of course you can’t. All of us have been marketed to for our entire lives. Younger people have faced the onslaught of marketing messages from their first moments in the maternity suite when free samples of formula, diapers and lotions are presented to new moms. We have all grown wary of marketing messages and our trust needs to be earned.

How are your organization’s employees doing earning your customers’ trust? If your organization depends on relationship-building and confidence in your team (and what organization doesn’t?), this is a valid, and maybe even urgent question.

Studies have shown that a few simple factors play important parts in how customers view you, your people and your entire organization. How does your team perform in these areas?

  • Professional Appearance
  • Face-to-Face Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Professional Relationships at Work
  • Knowledge of Products and Services

At Learning Dynamics, we call all of this Total Professional Image Quotient. TPIQ is a way to assess and coach your people to provide better service and deliver better results. The organizations that commit to TPIQ see a real difference in their financial and customer-service performances.

Strong business results are built on a foundation of trust between your customers and your employees. TPIQ training workshops accelerate the move from potential to actual customer by creating an environment where customers trust your team because they have earned it.

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